“Trick or Tuts”- 99 Second Skillz

What can you learn in 99 seconds? A lot! Practicing what you’ve learned, that’s up to you…I used to think working digitally didn’t allow for happy accidents, like traditional media does. It’s not true, because like any media, just getting a simple foundation skill allows you to grow it, rather than learning an exact function to execute an exact thing to look an exact way.¬†Sometimes reading a manual though, isn’t as efficient as seeing someone do something, or actually doing it yourself. What you’ll find here are either little tricks to help you get over that little hiccup you’ve been dealing with (background not working? Perspective not quite right?), or videos, each of one skill, taught in 99 seconds or less. It’s up to you to take that skill as far as you think you can go with it. Because they’re short, you can play and practice each skill, over and over and over, until you’re proficient. I don’t want to do more than that for you, because you are an individual, and you can guide and hone your skills the way you want them to be. I also welcome suggestions and submissions, we are a community so any time one creative can help another, it’s so appreciated! I will credit your suggestion with your name, and contact info (feel free to add your podcast site if you have one too). You can submit through my Contact page. Thanks!


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