Scrap Mettle

I was introduced to Scott Morse when my older son checked Magic Pickle out of the library.


These silly graphic novels, about a very muscular superhero pickle, were so funny, that when I’d seen Scrap Mettle: Fast Art By Scott Morse on Amazon (a friend had casually mentioned it), I had to have it. Like Oliver Jeffers, I was surprised that this book was more about his adult work than what he’d created for children, but also, it went out of its way to be very unfinished. While his cell vinyl work fits in that vibrant yetiandjapanesemonterdestroyingthecity style, his ink and watercolor work are  sensitive and thoughtful, spontaneous, as these were likely created in a park, coffeehouse or public transportation, and as he calls them, are his “nervous energy.”

IMG_6483IMG_6484IMG_6485IMG_6486 IMG_6487


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