About This Blog…

Hello and thanks so much for your interest in how I do what I do! I’m an illustrator and a surface designer. I do a bit with lettering but I certainly need a lot more time in to get to my ten thousand hours. I’ve worked with some amazing companies: Klutz, Fisher Price and Highlights to name a few! This blog will be devoted to sketches, my process, experiments, books I’ve been collecting, new things I’ve learned, and maybe even tiny videos here than there. I still have my primary blog, which will still showcase finished and client work. Don’t forget I have Facebook and Twitter too, and would love to connect with you (who wouldn’t want to meet another creative)! Sharing is nice, and letting me know what you think is even nicer! Tell me about your blog too, and what you’ve been working on, I’d love to check it out!


What do you think?

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